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We believe in being whole and undivided, regardless of the situation. We treat our clients with the same level of honesty and respect as our families. We truly believe in the golden rule of treating others the way we’d like to be treated and this permeates throughout our business practices.


We pride ourselves on being fiercely loyal. We often persevere through difficult situations long after it would have been beneficial for us to leave. Sunesis Financial is determined to build on  relationships with clients and learn mutually advantageous ways of working together.


We believe that every financial plan and decision should be highly personalized and strategic while timely and efficient. We analyze our clients’ complete situation and create a lasting plan that can be amended to accommodate the twists and turns that everyone experiences in their financial life.


We didn’t become financial advisors to create a passive income stream or make extensive amounts of money. Finance and numbers is where we have always excelled and what we have always loved doing. At Sunesis Financial, we view our work as a passion, not a job.

Bringing Together the Pieces of your Financial Future

Sunesis Fiancial Retirement Planning Edmonton

About Us

Sunesis Financial, a division of Evergreen Wealth Advisory, is a financial advisory firm that offers Edmonton and area families a place to receive proactive and trusted financial advice throughout all stages of their lives. Sunesis Financial serves all clients with the same level of integrity, honesty and sincerity regardless of their asset-level.
Sunesis Financial sets itself apart from other financial advisory firms by proactively engaging our clients through a financial plan. We have found that many advisors don’t offer their client’s a financial plan unless it’s specifically requested. The foundation of our relationship with clients is built on creating a strong financial plan that allows us to fully understand their unique situation and provides a road map to achieving their short and long-term financial goals.

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Strong Core Values

We serve our clients with integrity, honesty and sincerity. We endeavour to be straightforward and forthright in all circumstances.

Trustworthy and Professional Service

We provide our clients with the attention and respect that you deserve. We highly value long-term relationships with our clients.

Long-term Full Spectrum Service

Regardless of your asset size, we are here to take care of your financial needs. We bring high-net-worth financial service down to the individual household.

Experienced Advisor

Matthew implements the resources he accumulated from years of teaching, real estate investing, tax accounting, personal budgeting and financial assessment to bring his clients closer to their financial goals.


Strong Core Values
Trustworthy and Professional Service
Long-term, Full Spectrum Service
Experienced Advisor

The above testimonials are from existing clients in their words and were written at our request but may not reflect the experiences of all clients


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    b. Sunesis Financial and the representative in their capacity as an insurance agent of Sunesis Financial only provides insurance services for which it is licensed, is not registered or authorized to deal in or advise on exempt market securities and does not supervise activities performed by Raintree Financial Solutions or its registered dealing representatives.